Let’s talk calendars!  Typically, in my area, I can purchase a yearly wall calendar with pretty pictures for  $20.00 or more. I write important dates on it, birthdays, holidays…you know…I’m sure you do it too…what do we do with those at the end of the year?  I throw mine away and head to the market to buy one for the next year.

When I wrote my Perpetual Garden Calendar, I wanted to keep the price about the same as you’d pay for a blank calendar with pretty pictures.  However, you don’t throw my calendar away – at least you ought not!  There are no “dates” on it – just all the gardening information you need at your fingertips.

There is a general note taking area for recording your own gardening information to help you every year. There is a list of things to do each month…planting, transplanting and more.  There is even a frost zone conversion chart so you can use this calendar no matter where you live in the U.S.!

I chose to print it on 80 lb. card stock for durability (I want you to have this for many years!) and had it laser printed so the ink wouldn’t run.  It was updated this February with several new pages added. I’m very pleased that the feedback on my calendar has been extremely positive.

But, I thought of something recently that I wanted to do with my calendar! (You can call me slow at the end of this.)  So…I’ve been working on it this last week and finished it up tonight and I’m really excited!!

Have you ever wanted to purchase my Perpetual Garden Calendar but just hated to spend $20? I’ve come up with a way for you to get it at a lower price!  I’ve created a PDF file of my calendar and placed it on my website for download!  My Perpetual Garden Calendar, in e-book format, will be selling for $15.00 saving you $5.00!

There’s even more good news…just for the month of June you can get my calendar for $12.00!!  I hope y’all are as excited as I am!

I’d love to hear from those of you who have my Perpetual Gardening Calendar…does it meet your needs?  Are you happy with it?  Any suggestions for a future revision?

Looking forward to gardening with each of you,