Today, we are making a French Silk Supreme Pie – at least we’re getting started.  The “supreme” part alludes to the toppings on the pie. I’m going to show you how to easily make chocolate curls for decorating – it’s so simple.  I always start with this part because the chocolate curls need to sit in the frig for awhile before using.  You will NEVER touch the chocolate curls with your bare hands – you’ll just end up licking all the chocolate off of your fingers…wait!….is that a bad thing…..?

You are going to need a large chocolate candy bar, aluminum foil and a potato peeler. I like to use a combination of dark and milk or semi-sweet chocolate.


Pull out a long strip of aluminum foil and lay it on your counter with 2/3 of the foil hanging off.
Now, you are going to pull up the corners that are hanging down and “pinch” them with the sides at the edge of the counter.  You are making a “pouch”.


Here’s a side view – hopefully this helps you get the idea!
Lay your candy bar in the middle of the foil strip with at least 1/3 hanging over the pouch. Your candy bar should NOT be cold – room temperature is fine.


Place your hand on the candy bar to hold it in place and slowly pull your potato peeler across the edge of the bar.  As the curls are formed, they will drop into the pouch below.
Repeat – as you vary the pressure on the potato peeler, you’ll get looser or tighter curls.  Try to do some of each.
Use long and short strokes.



Your “pouch” will quickly fill with chocolate curls, strips and even a bit of powder…don’t worry – it’s all good!
When the pouch begins to get full, place a bowl underneath, pull the foil down and allow the curls to fall in the bowl.  It takes a lot of curls to decorate the top of the pie.  Make what you think you will need…and then double that!
Place the bowl of curls in the frig until the filling is done.
Easy as pie!
Tomorrow the filling!