So happy to say that the jalapenos are done! I had to grab my camera quickly before the boys got them all put away!

They believe there will be enough to do another round of canning…I may try a batch of jalapenos in a sweet syrup instead of the vinegar base….thinking things through.
Still working on the last bed of green beans, corn, tomatoes, dry beans, drying herbs, freezing melon balls, putting up potatoes, sweet potatoes and more. The pecan tree is loaded, the winter squash is doing well. It won’t be long before we’ll be planting garlic and cover cropping the areas that are finished.
The days are changing – seems a bit early to me for these cool nights and early mornings.  The sky looks different, the air is different…fall is quickly approaching…it’s my favorite time of year!
Are y’all wrapping up your gardens?  Anyone planning a fall garden?