Although we’ve spent several days trying to put the garden to bed for the winter this keeps happening….
Sweet  Bells!
Hot Habaneros!
Fiery peppers!
Sweet German Johnsons and Orange Jubilees!
The boys are also digging Kennebecs, Yukon Golds and Sweet Potatoes after school and between rainy days.
And this week we harvested 5 gallons of these….with many more still on the tree!
We are so grateful for the huge bounty our Father provided this year.  However, I’m wondering if we will ever get the garden to bed for the winter so we can plant it again next spring.  It may be time to kill it – just  bite the bullet and till it under.
We have cover crop planted in some sections of the garden, but it is awfully hard to say goodbye to those sweet peppers and tomatoes!  I don’t think we’ve ever had our plants produce to the end of Oct. and through several light frosts – what a blessing. I’ve canned, frozen, and dehydrated for months now.  I wonder if my canner will see its’ winter resting spot or if it will just continue to work right on through till spring.
How about y’all?  Anyone still harvesting His gifts to us?
Praising Him for an amazing gardening year!