I love the start of a new year – so much to look forward too!  January is a wonderful month to indulge in introspection.  Changes to make, plans to implement….it brings an excitement to life! It’s a wonderful time to assess our lives and relationships…both with each other and with our Father.

Seeds are ordered now and that always leaves me with the desire to get started in the greenhouse.  However, since it is January, I think I’d better hold off!  As my son and I planned the garden this year and began making the list of seeds that we needed, I found my mouth watering as I remembered how things tasted.  Do any of y’all do that?

Cherokee tomatoes, black cherry tomatoes, the firsts…first summer squash, first watermelon, first cantaloupe and of course the first ear of corn! There now…I’m doing it again! I still need to order potatoes this next week…and I need to remember to pick up sweet potato slips when they arrive at the feed store.

My son has our garden plans on paper…and in his head….which beds to till first and get ready.  I’m glad that he carries that responsibility.  I work in the greenhouse and the beds are always ready to go when the plants are ready to be put in…..teamwork! We pray for another bountiful year!

Have y’all been planning your garden yet?  This is the time – so that you aren’t trying to organize things while you plant.  If you need help figuring out what to do in your garden (and when to do it), you might want to have a look at my Perpetual Garden Calendar!  It’s also a wonderful help for those beginning gardeners.  Just think of it as me holding your hand through the gardening season!  You don’t even have to wait – just download and get started!

I’ve been making some plans for new things at my website too!  I’m very excited about it but can’t really reveal anything yet.  I will say that I’m working on some new recipes and making soap as often as I can to prepare.  I’m excited….really excited!

Friday I made another batch of Pumpkin soap – I can hardly keep it on the shelves – in fact I ran out during the holidays!  It’s the hardest soap to make because it ALWAYS seizes in the pan…but this time, even though it seized,  it turned out beautifully…and my house smells like fresh pumpkin pie!

Don’t you just want to pick up a piece and taste it?  My desk is right next to the soap and I’m tempted to snack!


Here it is curing on the rack! It will be ready in February!
Do you know what all of those bowls mean?
More soap balls to toss into orders so you can try new things before you buy!
I have a son getting read to graduate this June.  I’m looking forward to that in a bittersweet way.  He’s looking forward to working and moving on with his plans for the future.  He attained Eagle Scout last year so he has a lot of opportunities available to him.  I’m looking forward to seeing where our Father leads this young man!
And my youngest…my B.A.B.Y.! will be starting high school next fall!  Seriously?  I’m sure it was just a few months ago that I taught him to read! He loves studying science, he’s great at math, and he loves nature.  He’s so smart it’s scary!  He reads things for fun that makes his older brothers’ heads spin!  Mine too. He likes to be challenged, which keeps me on my toes as his teacher.  I’m excited to see what plans our Father is going to reveal for him!
What things are y’all looking forward to this year?