I knew it would happen.  Spring just doesn’t come in January here in Tennessee.  We really didn’t have much of a winter this year.  The old timers said watch out in April or May.  They were right.

We had a night of near freezing temperature and then the next night we had a hard freeze. So many things were in bloom!

Our pecan tree….I’m not expecting to harvest anything this year…

Our Catawba tree was hit….I’ll miss the smell of the blooms this year.


Our peach trees were just finishing their blooms so we don’t know what will happen there.  Our apple trees were in full bloom!  We had a late freeze last year and lost most of our blooms (which means no apples!).  Doesn’t look like we will harvest any apples this year either.
However, my climbing rose bush did just fine!



And our stand of wheat passed through the freeze with flying colors!  We look forward to harvesting our first wheat!


We are back to cool rainy days – maybe we are having spring now.  It’s been a confusing weather year here in Tennessee.  What about where you live?