It wasn’t me…(haven’t we moms heard that a million times!)

I didn’t plant it, I’ve never seen one that I can recall.

I don’t know what it is but I have a ton of them in the garden !

Any ideas?  Safe to eat? Ornamental?

Has our squash cross-pollinated to create something new?

Aaaahhh…life on a farm….you just never know what you might find…we’ve found weird produce, stray cats, stray dogs, lost dogs, deer, coyotes, coons, foxes, giant turtles, snakes, skunks, a baby skunk (last week in the garden…that was fun!) and one time, as we stepped outside to head to church, there was a young Angus bull standing in our driveway.  Nope…never saw him before but evidently he decided to take a long stroll up our driveway and run away from home – which turned out to be miles down the road!

You can count on any or all of the above happening at three different times:

1.  In the middle of the night and they/it are making enough noise you can’t sleep.

2.  When you (meaning me!) are home alone.

3.  When you are on the way somewhere and already running late.

It never happens when you have a lot of extra time and/or extra hands to help you catch, corral, shoot or chase it.  Never!

Back to the rogue squash….answers people!  I need answers…..