Turn your radio on this coming Friday at 8:00 pm.  I’ll be talking about Seed Saving!  I know…it’s not soap but it is “farm” and I am a farm girl after all!

I’ve been saving seeds for many years.  I hope to share with y’all why I save them and how that benefits my garden and me.

I want to talk about how to save seeds and how to store them.  I hope to save you some time and hopefully you can learn from my mistakes…I’ve made plenty of them!

We might talk about inoculating seed, and scarifying seed…that portion of the program could also be titled…”the things I wish I’d known before I planted.”

Isolation distances are sure to come up!  We don’t want to save watermelon seeds and have our fruit turn out bitter the next year!

All of the topics, of course, will be determined by my friend Scott Terry, the program’s host. He and his beautiful wife, and adorable children, live waaaaayyyy up north. I’m really looking forward to this.  Tried to make this work this past winter but at the time my family was busy playing pass the sinus infection and my voice was just too unreliable.  I’m so thankful Scott called again and asked!

You can listen here and you can also go there now and set up a reminder if you need one!

Hope to “see” y’all there!