Karen with the name Jamaican Me Shave! I ran this past my boys and every single one of them liked this name.

Karen, get back to me and let me know which soap and lip balm you would like and how to get it to you!  Thanks so much for participating and contributing your creativity!  We love it!

I’ll create a label today and have it up on the website sometime this week.

We’re a bit late with this post and I apologize…it was a crazy day yesterday here on the farm.  When you wake up to a strange horse nuzzling your horse over the fence, you know it is going to be a bit different.

She was a beautiful horse and obviously so very happy that she was “free”!  Much snorting, tossing the head and galloping around the farm!   Our chickens didn’t quite know what to think of this large creature invading their space!  She made me think of a little one who has “run away”.  However, by the time her owners arrived here, you could tell she was relieved it was about over and glad to be going home.

I was happy that she hadn’t gotten into the garden (the gate was open) or knocked down the bee hives!

She trotted right up to her owner and nuzzled his face as he slipped the halter over her head.  I’m sure they enjoyed the walk home together!