Just some quick reminders….soap naming contest ends tonight at midnight! Leave your suggestions in the comments here or on Facebook (Tnfarmgirl Naturals).

If you plan on attending the Herbal Medicine Made Simple class on my farm next Sunday from 1:00 to 6:00, please reserve your spot by paying your class fee if you haven’t already.  I’ve set up a way to do this on my website here.  There are only 5 spaces left in this class!  I’m looking forward to that afternoon – it is so much fun to teach!

From now on, you will be able to pay your class fees on my website.  I am trying to get my classes up for the rest of the year and should be done by next week sometime.

You will also start to see “Pin” buttons for Pinterest on my website.  Yes…I’m slowly dragging myself into the techie world.  How do y’all have time to do these things?  I think I could get lost on Pinterest and never get found!

Once I conquer Pinterest, I’m following the advice of one of my son’s friends (Hi David!) and will tackle Twitter.  I’m not sure I understand the whole concept of Twitter or why anyone would want to know what I’m doing throughout the day but from a business aspect it is, apparently, important…I’ll get there!

I’m looking forward to cooking for family and friends this weekend!