Today, after church, I spent a very enjoyable afternoon with some of my favorite young ladies!  I served some home made baked potato soup and apple enchiladas for lunch and then I taught them my method for menu planning as we sipped on lavender lemonade.

I’ve been using this system for over 20 years.  Throughout that time, I’ve tweaked it and made changes, created forms and tools and can now do two weeks of menu planning in about 30 minutes…and enjoy it!

My “want to try” recipes are no longer residing in a box under my love seat but are actually incorporated into my meals each month!

Menu planning saves me trips to the store, saves me money (lots of it!) and reduces my stress.  I think the hardest part of cooking supper is not the cooking…it was always trying to figure out what to cook.

Part of the reason I offered to teach these ladies was to get their feedback on this system.  I did this for a group of young ladies about a year ago and made a few changes after getting some fresh ideas and opinions.  This time I learned how better to adapt my system for vegetarians.

When I get the new ideas in place….I plan on offering an e-book with instructions and all the forms and I am even considering putting a packet together for those who prefer to have things in hand.

Which would y’all prefer? Are you e-book  fanatics or do you like hard copies you can touch?

Is menu planning something y’all could use some help with?

Also working on another “large” project that will be completed later this week.  Once I get pictures from Elijah, I’ll share the news!

Oh…and brace yourself for another “life with boys post”….you just won’t believe what I saw walking calmly through my house….I’d never seen anything like it in all my many years!

Sometimes I think I should just wear the camera around my neck!