Are you a canning enthusiast?  I am.  I love to can the food I grow!  A few years ago I discovered Tattler Reusable Canning Lids.  I fell in love!

When my great grandma used to can they used re-usable glass lids.  I still have one.  I don’t know the history of how that changed to the metal lids we have today.  However, several years ago I read that regular canning lids contain BPA in the coating of the lid – the part that touches your food.  So there I was…growing organic food, using filtered water and putting it in a jar with a lid that allowed BPA to come into contact with my wonderful organic veggies.

Then I found Tattler lids.  I did the math and figured that by the time I re-used a lid 3 or 4 times (depending on which size) I hit the “free” zone.  I have used them for years now and still love them.  They are BPA free, guaranteed for life, and can be used over and over and over…. for decades! I just love these lids, the fact that my organic food stays organic, the fact that I’m not throwing away hundreds of metal lids each year and the fact that I am  now saving a lot of money! AND, I’ve never had a problem with them!

I even make large batches of soup and other delicious goodies and then can the extra!  This makes for a quick and easy meal for my sons when I’m not available to put dinner on the table!

You can get all the info in my original post which you can read here.

Recently I found out that they are doing something special for the next few days and I didn’t want you to miss a bargain (and no I am not making a dime from this company- they don’t have an affiliate program anymore…I just love the product!).

They are now producing a pretty pink lid and giving away 35% of the sales from those pretty pink lids to give women financial assistance as they battle cancer.Thirty.five.percent for the entire month of October!  I think that is pretty darn generous!  And boy are they pretty!  I didn’t get them in time to do green beans this year but I think next year I’ll use them for all of my strawberry and raspberry jams!

I love the color and love the fact that I can help women suffering with breast cancer!

And…that is not all of the good news!  For the next couple of days they are having a huge sale! You can save 25% – 30% when you purchase certain quantities AND receive free shipping!  Such a deal!

Did you know that these lids are still made in the USA?  I love that part too!

Their website can tell you much more about the cancer fund for women, you can watch “how to” videos, read reviews and testimonials and more!  You can even purchase a sampler pack of 2 lids in each size for just a couple of dollars so you can try before you buy!

I’ll never go back to metal lids again!

Do any of you use Tattler lids?