We have had snow three times this month so far. I’ve lived here for 15 years and have never seen snow in November like this. I can’t imagine what February is going to be like. I am considering buying a snow shovel.

So while the snow came down I indulged in one of my favorite new passions… Oolong tea with a pinch of lavender buds…and a touch of Stevia.  Heavenly!

I love the glass teapot that one of my kids gave me years ago…it allows me to enjoy the beauty of the tea too. This tea pot came with a box of “flowering” teas”.  If you have never enjoyed one..I highly recommend them. They make a lovely gift and both your taste buds and your eyes will experience delight as you watch your tea “bloom”!

You can see a bowl of Mullein root in the background…waiting to be worked up. Speaking of that..I spent this snowy day taking that big box of herbs and making tinctures.

I have never made most of these before. I was inspired by a course I just finished taking on using herbs in emergency situations.

This leaves me feeling a little better equipped to take care of my family in a wider variety of situations.

I took those Mullein roots and got this far….

Notice anything missing?  VODKA!  Ack…I ran out of vodka….AGAIN!  Yes…I went through the entire case making those tinctures.  You know what this means…another trip to the liquor store….4 cases in less than a month! My reputation will be shot!  The man’s eyes got big last time…I can’t imagine what he will think this time. Can’t you just hear the gossip?

Owner to customer:  “There is this lady who comes in here EVERY week and buys a case…yes! a case!…of vodka.  She says she is making medicine.  I’ve never heard it called that before!”

Oh well…I will do what must be done and I leave my reputation in my Father’s capable hands!

Have a wonderful weekend dear friends…