Have you heard of THM?  It stands for Trim Healthy Mama. It is the most amazing lifestyle change ever!

This book has changed my life!

It isn’t a diet book..rather it is more of an encouragement to eat healthily and deliciously while loosing weight.  I mean having the weight literally falling off your body!

As y’all know, I’ve been seriously working on loosing weight for almost a year now. One of my daughters introduced me to Trim Healthy Mama last summer.  I read through the book – a daunting task! – and with her help began to utiltze this new style of eating.

I have always done well on low carb, high protein diets.  But, I missed bread, fruit and an occasional sweet treat.  On THM, I get my favorite fruits, delicious bread and plenty of sweet treats if I want them. Although I have found I have little craving for sweets anymore.

I have dropped 30 lbs since the end of August without feeling deprived of anything! One of my sons has dropped an amazing amount of weight by following this diet loosely.

This is a HUGE book.  The first half goes through the most popular fad diets and explains how those diets actually affect the health of your body…it is a real education.  Then it explains the THM plan. The back of the book is filled with recipes.  Do I like them all? No, but I like most of what I’ve tried so far.

Once you “get the basics” of THM, you can then apply the principles to your own recipes, make some modifications and still be eating those traditional recipes you love.

There is a Facebook page here.  I encourage you to scroll through and have a gander at some of the before and after pictures.  I think that is what sold me.  It wasn’t just 20 somethings who were loosing weight, it was middle aged women, grandmas, men, teenagers.  And the differences were amazing!

You can learn a lot just from the FB page.  There are documents you can download and read. Many people start just by using FB because the book is a bit pricey. However, I think the book is worth every penny!  I like having all the recipes at my fingertips.

There is a Kindle version if you prefer your books that way. Here it is:

You may know the authors of the book. Have you ever read the magazine Above Rubies published by Nancy Campbell?  Serene and Pearl are her daughters!

There are many how-to-videos and massive amounts of recipes offered on different websites along with the FB page.  There is one young lady who specializes in creating ice cream recipes for the THM plan and other desserts!

The best part of Trim Healthy Mama is the health benefit. Many people are utilizing this lifestyle not because they want to loose weight, but because they want to heal health issues.  Diabetes, fibromyalgia, auto-immune issues, eczema…there are many testimonies from people about how these issues resolved themselves by following this common sense, biblically based way of eating.

I am over half way to my goal, lost weight through Thanksgiving week (and yes I cooked most of the food, served it and had leftovers in the frig all week) and I know I’ll make my year end goal because this is so easy.  I’m pulling “too big for me now” clothes from my closet every week and sending them off to a thrift store. My knees don’t hurt as much, I’m sleeping better and I have tons of energy.  All of the comments and encouragement from friends and family haven’t hurt either!

Wanting to get healthy? Wanting to loose weight? Treat yourself to this book, join the FB page and begin this exciting journey now!