The first project The Farmer chose to work on was my greenhouse.

For several years before I met The Farmer, I took care of special needs foster children. The gardens and my greenhouse were sorely neglected.  I’m talking really neglected….like there was a tree growing up in the middle of the greenhouse! Seriously.

The Farmer spent days down there pulling weeds, digging out weeds with a shovel, and hauling them to a burn pile.
You can see one of many pick-up loads of weeds being hauled off to burn!

It was back breaking work!  The Farmer didn’t stop till he had it down to a dirt floor – no weeds!  It was a beautiful sight!!Then he and Elijah emptied all of the “tables” so we could lay down real greenhouse flooring called “greenhouse ground cover”.

I had used landscape cloth from a big box store for years but it didn’t do much to stop the weeds.  Instead, we laid a double layer of greenhouse ground cover. We brought the tables back in as we progressed to hold the ground cover down.  It wasn’t a very breezy day but every little whiff of wind lifted that cloth…it was making us crazy!

We then brought the rest of the tables back in and arranged them so that the work space was more efficient.Then he, Elijah and I worked together replacing the greenhouse plastic on one of the end walls. We made several trips to the store trying to find a staple gun that would work!  We ended up – oh boy did that speed up the process.  Much faster when you don’t have to hammer in each staple after you attempt to use the staple gun.  Pneumatic was the way to go!

We patched a few holes we found here and there. They removed the old fans that didn’t work anymore and mounted some greenhouse fans to keep the air moving.

Then The Farmer began hauling in wood chips to cover the floor.  This helps to keep weeds from coming up through the floor. He also created a border around the greenhouse filled with wood chips so that I could “pretty” up the area with pots of herbs and flowers.  It will also be a wonderful place to harden off plants before putting them in the garden!The Farmer is the hardest working man I’ve ever met.  He had barely finished this project when he planned the next one….