He called it a “beauty shot” and boy it certainly was…my soap never looked so good! This gentleman came about 3 or 4 years ago and spent a day here on our farm getting to know us and doing some filming!  Evidently that film showed up today on a program called Texas Country Reporter. I hope I can find it online so that I can remember what we talked about!  People seemed to like it because Texas has been keeping my phone busy – I’ve “met”  some really nice folks this afternoon over the phone!  Be patient with me Texas – my soaps will be ready in just a few weeks. If you’d like to be notified personally, please email your contact info to [email protected] In the meantime, feel free to poke around this website and see what else I do!

He called it a “Beauty Shot”…

If you look through some old posts, you’ll see that I’ve been making soap for over 20 years on this homestead!  I used to blog and make soap under the name TNfarmgirl.  I changed that name to The Mommy Herbalist about 3 years ago – it encompasses more of my passion – helping people find natural wellness using herbs and essential oils, nutrition and healthy lifestyle changes.  Natural soap is just a small part of that – it’s important not to be using toxin filled products! No dyes, no chemicals, no synthetic fragrances…just pure old fashioned soap with a modern twist using clays, herbs and essential oils.

The name Mommy Herbalist came about accidentally…you see I raised my boys using herbs and essential oils to support our health and to make soaps, herbal salves, poultices, tinctures and more. When someone gave me more credit than I felt I deserved about my herbal knowledge, I told them I was just a “Mommy” herbalist….and it stuck!

The last few years, I’ve only made a batch of soap here and there.  When you are taking care of people who need you (foster kids, elderly parent, ailing husband) there just isn’t much time for soap making.

But life has slowed down…for all of us right now.  I haven’t left the farm in over a month (and it’s been glorious!). We’ve been busy getting many projects done around the farm, around the house and…in the soap kitchen! My first batches of soap will be ready the end of May – you’ll see a new page going up here soon – where you can purchase some of my soaps and herbal salves if you so desire! I’ll be sharing our projects, how we are building our garden an entirely new way this year, how we are hatching and raising new chicks and more!

I’m hoping that I’ll have more time to blog and share what’s happening in the herbal world, around our farm and life in general!

Why don’t you come along with me?