There has been a lot of ditch digging happening in the garden area.  Full garden post coming soon!  We’re trying something new after 20 years of gardening in raised beds and I’m excited to share it with you.

Miss me? In the last 10 days….

50 feet of ditch!

This happened in the greenhouse – natural pest control at it’s finest! Do you see all 6? They eat live bugs and thrive on aphids.  I keep some in my greenhouse and dispense them through the garden as I need them! Gather them in the winter and fall and keep them in a sealed jar in the refrigerator until you need them.  They will hatch about 2 to 3 months after they warm up!

Miss me? In the last 10 days….

Praying Mantis babies!

I created something special for those waiting on soap…the ability to move a little faster and make a little more!

Miss me? In the last 10 days….

Typical day in the soap kitchen!

Which has resulted in filling my regular soap rack (the one on the right!) with curing soap and bringing in another bigger rack…I normally only make about 100 bars a month but Texas came calling and then the rest of the nation followed suit thanks to YouTube! I’m making several hundred bars a week now and will have a consistent supply of soap for the foreseeable future.

Miss me? In the last 10 days….

Racks filled with curing soap!

My chickens have begun to come calling when I am late tending to their needs!  I do soap making early in the morning so chores are running later than normal. Kinda creepy – remember the Twilight Zone? They know where I live!!

Miss me? In the last 10 days….

I’m being stalked!

I was finally able to see this little guy! My grandson is 10 mos. old and I’ve missed him!  Because of the virus and the nature of his Daddy’s job, we’ve been social distancing. Tennessee is getting back to normal and my heart is happy!

Miss me? In the last 10 days….

End of day, front porch sitting with family is the best!

And…I became a Mimi again with this little one who came a few weeks early but is healthy and strong! Many answered prayers! Uncle Elijah seems to be enamored as well!

Miss me? In the last 10 days….

Welcome little one!

I’m off to make soap again!  I want to thank everyone for your graciousness and patience! Soap page will appear this week to view and I’ll be announcing a sale date VERY soon!