It’s time!  The soaps are loaded into the shopping cart and ready for viewing.  Inventory will be added tomorrow and the shop will open first thing Monday morning! Thank you Texas!  If I couldn’t live in Tennessee, I think Texas would be my next choice after “meeting” and talking with so many of you!  Just know a little piece of my Tennessee heart will be in all your boxes!

Soap!I’ve emailed all who asked me to give them a heads up!  If you didn’t hear from me, you may be one of the people whose email bounced for a variety of reasons.

If something sells out, please don’t worry! Every week or two more soaps, and sometimes different varieties of soaps, will be loaded into the shop. I never really run out but there may be a delay of a week or two before the next batch has cured and is ready for sale.

I can not take orders over the phone, I’m sorry.  The website controls my inventory and if I mess with that things will go south pretty quickly! The shop also figures the exact USPS shipping and taxes if applicable.  It does a much better job than me 🙂

Please be patient…it’s just me!  I don’t have a factory or staff or any other kind of help.  I’ll be doing the labeling, packaging for shipping and the runs to the post office. I’m a hard worker but I also have chickens, cows, greenhouse and garden to tend to each day 🙂 AND grandbabies to spend time with!

I typically make about 100 bars a month and will go back to that when things calm down a bit. I’m still making soap – another 100 bars tomorrow but again…takes 30 days to cure before selling. If you see I’m out of something you really wanted, leave a comment here on the website or zip me an email.  If enough people are interested, I will definitely make that soap again!


I’m asking you to please limit your purchase to two bars of any one kind so that others will have a chance.  By the time you use those two bars up…I’ll have it back in stock.  If I can figure out how to make the website do that…you won’t have to worry about it!

I’m always open to suggestions for new soaps and you will find me having a contest now and again to name something new that I have created!

I’m working on a free herbal remedy class that will cover one medicinal plant and one essential oil.  Short classes in bite size pieces make learning fun!  Hope to see some of you there!