I have more eggs right now than I can possibly use fresh.  But I know this winter I won’t have enough eggs each week for our needs.  I do not want to buy eggs from the store this winter! So, what’s a farm-girl to do?

Preserve them of course! Did you know you could do this? AND, you don’t need to have chickens to do this – when eggs go on sale at the store or they offer a buy one get one free coupon just buy a couple extra dozen! Next time you want to make cookies and you are out of eggs – no need to run to the grocery store.  (That’s almost 30 miles for me!)

You can do this too – even if you live in a tiny apartment in the middle of a big city!  Buy a few extra dozen because self-sufficiency can be practiced anywhere! Here’s one of the ways I preserve my eggs.

I have good hens and I have naughty hens.  The good hens lay in the nesting boxes that are filled with hay, cedar shavings and fresh herbs (the cedar and herbs help repel pests). Those eggs come out pretty and clean for the most part.

Good & Naughty Hens, Preserve Their EggsThen I have naughty hens that lay everywhere and anywhere and those eggs can end up pretty dirty. Elijah noticed that some of the chickens kept going into the rafters of our equipment shed.  We had some roofing tin stored up there.  Guess what he found when he climbed up to take a look.  EGGS.  Massive amounts of eggs! And none of them were very clean!

Good & Naughty Hens, Preserve Their Eggs

The green bucket in the middle is to float test the eggs.  If the egg lays down, it’s fresh, If it stands on end it has a short life and you need to use it.  If it floats, well we have egg throwing contests with my grandsons that live next door.  They LOVE IT!

Most of these eggs were fine – just dirty. So I washed them. I made quiche with them. I made frittatas with them.  And then I froze the rest.  YEP! I froze them and you can too!

Good & Naughty Hens, Preserve Their Eggs

What do you need?  A silicone cupcake mold, eggs and a freezer!

Here is a short DIY video showing you how I freeze my eggs!

You can do this too!  At least keep a dozen or two in the freezer for those times you run out and need to make something or just have a craving for an omelette!

Now you can chalk one for for self-sufficiency!



PS These are the muffin cups I use to freeze my eggs! https://amzn.to/2BCUNus