Soap sales opened early this morning – really early by west coast time.  And they pretty much closed shorty after lunch…y’all bought almost everything that was ready to go! I think there are a few bars of Canine Caress and some Sweet Relief left .  You can see more soaps curing in the background.

It costs WHAT? to ship????

Don’t worry though because on June 15th I will load inventory again as the next batches are done curing!  I’ll be replacing some of the soaps available today like Lavender Buds, Rosemary & Mountian Mint, True Spanish Castille but I will also be adding some new ones!  Coffee Bean, Working Hands, Texas Rose (renamed in honor of Texas!), Lavender Oat Scrub, and Hook Line & Sinker (for those fisher-people out there). I continue to make soap so every few weeks the inventory will be replaced.

We had a glitch with the shipping aspect in the beginning.  I’m so very sorry! I looked at what some of y’all were paying and I was horrified!  If you put one bar in the cart the shipping was normal – if you added two the shipping doubled, three it tripled and so on! I saw people being charged $30 when the USPS website said it would have been less than half of that! It took a couple of hours to figure out what the heck was wrong – my website guru person finally got it fixed.  So…once the packages are mailed tomorrow – quite a few of you will hear from me so I can issue you a refund!

It costs WHAT? to ship????

You’ll also find a surprise in your packages!  With so many of us being required to wear masks these days…I’ve added a little something to make breathing through that mask easier!

It all gets mailed in the morning!

Thank y’all so much!  I’ll post here when the next batch is going up – in the meantime I’ll be announcing our first FREE herbal class soon, we’re going to talk about how to save eggs so we can be self-sufficient during the winter, we’ll have an in-depth garden post about what we are doing and why – the successes and the failures AND I’m going to teach y’all how to never buy ketchup or mayo again!!