When I’m quiet here, it usually means that I’m busy with something important.  This is what I have been doing!  You are looking at over 600 bars of soap – it’s the most I’ve ever made in a month!

Yes, soap will be loaded back into inventory on Monday and ready for sale at 8:00 am EST!  I will have all of the soaps you’ve seen in the past but also some new ones!

I’ve been quiet because of this….

Let’s talk about the new soaps that will be available on Monday!

Lavender Mint. This is a SUPER Moisturizing soap – the most moisturizing soap I make – and it all started from a mistake!  Some of my best soaps have come initially from mistakes! It is scented with Lavender and Peppermint essential oils and is packed with moisturizing oils and shea butter!

Lavender Twist is a basic soap that is scented with lavender and grapefruit essential oils.  It is dusted on one side with ground lavender buds. It’s bright and fresh and clean!

Patchouli! I made this soap because several of you requested it.  Patchouli is great for oily skin and for teenage acne!

Ciao Bella! This is my kitchen soap!  Because we wash our hands so often while cooking, I wanted a soap with an amazing scent that wouldn’t dry out my hands when spending long days in the kitchen cooking, canning soap-making and more!  Basil essential oil also has anti-bacterial properties.  Win! Win! It is made with organic Basil, Basil essential oil and sun-dried tomatoes for a fleck of color. It smells amazing!

Green Thumbs! This is my gardener’s soap! I use this after spending time in my greenhouse and garden!  It has a bit of sand in it to help exfoliate and to get that dirt off your hands after digging in the garden! It is moisturizing and is lightly scented with Sage essential oil.

It takes many days of making soap, cleaning up after soap, labeling soap and beginning Monday, shipping soap! Then my kitchen will look like this as I pack out your orders! I love making soap but I wanted to let you know that 600 bars a month is probably not sustainable for me during gardening season.

This is my kitchen laboratory – this is where I create herbal concoctions, process herbal tinctures, make soap, can veggies from the garden, meet with customers and pack your orders for shipping.

I’ve been quiet because of this….

I wanted to let you know that for the next few months at least, I will be going back to my normal soap making routine of about 150 bars a month.  More if I have a free day but my goal is 150 bars a month.  Garden season is in full swing and demands my attention, I have my husband to care for and a 93 year old mom that needs help.  There are grandbabies to visit ( a new one just 2 months old!) and kids to spend time with…not to mention my real job of helping people find natural solutions to their health issues using herbs and oils!  My plate is happily full!

I didn’t want anyone to be caught unaware of this and be disappointed if next month there is a much smaller selection of soaps. Y’all have been amazing and I have almost sold out  each time I’ve launched a soap sale. Thank you so much!

I’ve also received the sweetest notes about how much you like my soap and why.  I’d be so appreciative if you would share those thoughts in a review of my soaps here on the website.

I have something new coming also!  I’ve made a salve for years with spring herbs that is comfrey based.  It is all natural and organic!  I pick the herbs myself, dry them, macerate them and create a topical salve that is amazing for supporting your skin when it is injured or irritated.  I’ve had to change the name because the FDA doesn’t like us to use the words “heal or healing” so the new name of my salve is simply Green Herb Salve.  It will be available in 1 oz and 2 oz tins. I’m just waiting on the labels from the printer which hopefully will be available next week.  You won’t believe how effective this salve is!

There will also be other salves soon.  These are salves I’ve made and sold for years…Jewelweed, Arnica, Lavender, Tea Tree and another for “discomfort” that took me several years to develop. It just needs a more compliant name 🙂

Next post, I will share a basic soap recipe for beginners!  Several of you have asked and I am happy to share.  Others have asked about classes in person for soap making, herbal medicine and the newest one I am working on – fermenting food!  Those classes will begin when garden season ends.  Anyone local (or not so local!) that is interested can reach out to me to get put on the list to be notified of classes.  I am working on creating a video series of me teaching these classes so you can learn no matter where you live!

If we’ve touched base and I’ve neglected to get back with you, please reach out to me to remind me.  I don’t want anyone to “fall through the cracks” but I admit I have been a bit overwhelmed and it is a possibility I’ve missed someone or lost a note to return a call.