Soaps will be on sale again Tuesday September 8th at 8:00 am EST! They are just about ready! I made a little more than I planned – about 300 bars!

It’s SOAP time!

Let’s talk about what will be available and what won’t!

It’s fall and I like to make soap that goes along with the seasons.  Those choices are affected by what I’m growing in my garden and what herbs are available on the farm for wildcrafting!  I like seasonal change don’t you?

This will be that last time you will see Lavender Twist and Green Thumbs until spring. But in their place you will find some new fall soaps!

Ginger Snap!

It’s SOAP time!

My Tennessee Mountains – no label so you can see the beautiful green swirl! (made with Spirulina!)

It’s SOAP time!

Papaw’s Shaving Soap! (not just for men!)

It’s SOAP time!

and my Rosemary and Lavender Shampoo Bar! This bar REALLY lathers and rosemary and lavender essential oils have amazing properties for healthy hair and scalp!

It’s SOAP time!

I like to be creative with my soaps so you may see changes from batch to batch.  For instance – last time I dusted one side of Lavender Twist with ground lavender buds.  I didn’t particularly care for how that turned out so this time I left out that dusting.  Sometimes the herb’s or plant’s constituents are a little different from the first time I picked it (as the weather/season cause changes) – therefore colors may be a bit different, or maybe I used a bit more or less.  Sometimes it’s just me and I decide to use a different clay, herb or plant to color my soaps. (Wait till you see the NEW Canine Caress next month!)  I’ve already decided to do something different when I make Ginger Snap again! It’s all a part of the creative process and is one way that you are assured that you are getting artisanal hand-crafted soap and not something out of a corporate production line!

I’ve seen it all! There are soap makers out there that order in soap from China in bulk, repackage, sell cheaply and make a ton of money!  (Can you say chemically laden?) There are soap makers out there that use crisco as a base and color their soaps with crayons – ACK!!! It just floors me! And there are soap makers who use fragrance oils (cheap chemicals!) or just enough essential oils that your soap will have little to no scent and what is there certainly won’t last.

I’m proud of my soap and the quality of ingredients that go into them.  These are the same soaps that I use, my kids use, my grandbabies use and even some of our farm critters use!  They have to be the purest to pass my test!

My October sale will have some more fall themed soaps available along with those listed above.  “Granny’s Lemon Shine”  is made with real Tennessee moonshine and has always been super popular.  Lightly scented with lemon essential oil and made with ground organic lemon peel – it’s a beautiful soap!  Fall is moonshine time in Tennessee and yes it is still made in our mountains and hollers!

My Pumpkin Soap will also be available in October!  This soap is SUPER moisturizing and smells like a piece of Grandma’s pumpkin pie!  Spiced Oat Bar is another fall soap that will be available in October! I will even have a few new surprises next Tuesday!

Just to clarify, I don’t sell my soaps on Facebook or anywhere else, other than this website.  When you go to an online soap shop and you see bright blue colors, bright reds, oranges and greens – you can rest assured those aren’t natural and it isn’t my soap.  If you see fragrances (note the term FRAGRANCES!) like “after the rain”, “blueberry, watermelon or strawberry” (fruits don’t have essential oils!), or bubblegum and cotton candy – remember that those are synthetic fragrance oils and you’ll never find me using those!  Just not healthy to put on your skin!

If you have questions, please leave them in the comments!  Special requests?  If enough people ask for the same thing, I’m happy to try something new – as long as I can make it with natural ingredients!



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