We have a multitude of dogs on this farm.  Some protect our critters, some protect my family and myself and some do both.  However we have a few *ahem* older dogs who really need to retire…even if they don’t think so!

Adding a new working dog is a bit more complicated than just adding a pet.  They have to be intelligent, fearless, dominant, protective and willing to give their all to keep whoever they are guarding safe. They also have to get along with other dogs, chickens, cows, guinea hens, cats and more!  Working dogs are very special.  We’ve had several different breeds over the years from Great Pyrenees to a Fila Brasileiro. All have been wonderful dogs that were able to easily dispatch everything from coyotes to unwanted visitors.

Meet Keko – named after a female Samurai  Warrior who gave her all at 17.

Keko – My warrior!

Keko is 8 weeks old in this picture. She was born July 1st.  She was the dominant pup in the litter, unafraid to take on pups bigger than herself.  She certainly holds her own with the fully grown dogs here on the farm.  I have no doubt that when she reaches full size she will rule the roost.  She has a sweet spirit and shadows me everywhere I go.  Exactly what I wanted.

I’m never alone here on the farm…my oldest son and his family have a house here, my youngest son Elijah (22 yrs. old) still lives on and works this farm.  One of my other sons is making plans to move back to the farm.  But, I have been working outside and been surprised by a 4 legged varmint in my front yard and a two legged stranger on my property.  I believe Keko will alert me to both and once she is full grown will easily take care of either situation.

In the mean time, my soap kitchen is filled with toys and treats and I often deal with situations like this one….

Keko – My warrior!

We are working on potty training…Oh joy! ….and basic commands.  My son who lives next door is like a dog whisperer…Joshua can spend a short time with a litter of pups and know which one will be a great dog… he knows more about training dogs than anyone I know.  He had a German Shepherd and she was trained by voice and sign language.  He could command her across a field without opening his mouth.  It was awesome!

She’s been good for Katie.  We have never seen Katie play…we’ve tried all kinds of toys – she doesn’t play.  She also doesn’t snuggle. Whatever abuse and trauma she suffered before she was rescued really impacted her.  However, she DOES play with Keko.  Initially she just growled at her…but now they are fast friends. I think Keko has been good for Katie!

Keko – My warrior!

I’m sure you will see much more of Keko in the future! She is growing fast – and is about the same size as Katie already and gaining daily!

Now…if I could just teach these two girls to make soap….