Are you gathering roots and seeds? Now’s the time! We’ve been saving seeds from our garden; squash, loofa gourd, tomato, tomatillo, mullein, comfrey, and more! We can save seeds from our garden because we plant heirloom varieties.  Each year we have stronger and better seeds for our micro-climate.  Seeds are intelligent and what they “learn” during the growing season is passed on to the next generation of plant!  Our Father’s ways are so awesome!

We’ve also gathered some wild asparagus root from around our farm and planted them in our asparagus beds for next year! I’m excited about this one – who doesn’t love fresh asparagus?

Once the tops of your plants die back, you can dig roots such as echinacea, comfrey, mullein, ginseng, ginger and much more! Prepare now for next year! Our ginger will be ready shortly – I’m excited about this one because it’s the first time I’ve grown my own ginger.  You have to start with organic ginger root – what you find in the typical grocery store has been treated with a chemical to prevent it from rooting!

These plants are Verbascum Thapsus, commonly known as Mullein.  Also known as torch plant, candlestick plant, Aaron’s Rod, Velvet Dock and more! Every part of this plant is usable for your health except for the seeds (they are toxic!) but save those to plant more!

Roots & Seeds!

Verbascum Thapsus – Common Mullein

You’ll find the seeds in the tops of the plants where the flowers used to be.  Just shake the dried, brown top over a light colored towel or paper – it will “rain” what looks like very fine pepper….those are the Mullein seeds!  Just remember not to harvest anything within 100 yards of a busy road!

Roots & Seeds!

We covered this herb last week in our Herbs ‘n Oils Class! Mullein is one of the plants I used the most raising my boys. The flowers make a wonderful remedy for ear issues, the leaves and roots are great for respiratory support and may help you when dealing with discomfort! Join my free class to learn about a new herb/essential oil twice a month! Next week I teach you how to make Lavender Salve!

This week we will be gathering Mullein root, ginseng root, and comfrey root. I will also be gathering the last of the Jewelweed that I need to continue to make my Jewelweed Salve and Jewelweed soap throughout the winter. I won’t be able to harvest it again until it blooms next July or August. We are expecting a cold snap soon so I’d better get it while I can!

What are y’all gathering before winter sets in?