We have rain predicted for the whole weekend with a drop of temperatures, so we took a trip down to the bottom of our mountain today to see if we could find any Jewelweed still in bloom.  I’ve made a lot of Jewelweed oil for soaps and salves but I needed to increase my stash of Jewelweed tincture because poison ivy is here year round.

I was excited to find several patches of Jewelweed along our creek!

Last Jewelweed HarvestThe light falling on the plants was perfect!  We could easily see how Jewelweed got it’s name!

In this next picture, look closely where drops of water have beaded up on the Jewelweed leaves…as the light hits those droplets it looked like the plants are covered with little white diamonds. The picture doesn’t do it justice – you need that sunshine to create that sparkle!

Last Jewelweed Harvest

Here is a close up of the flowers…

Last Jewelweed Harvest

We picked two large trash bags full!Last Jewelweed Harvest

It’s drying on the porch tonight and tomorrow I’ll work it up into a tincture!  This should carry us through the winter with enough to share for those who need it!

Last Jewelweed Harvest

You can find step-by-step instructions on how to make a Jewelweed tincture on this blog post.