When soap goes wrong…. it can sometimes be a very good thing! Some of my best selling soaps came about because something went wrong!  When I first made Papaw’s Shaving Soap, I was shocked when I added the Bentonite Clay!  Bentonite Clay gives you a close, smooth shave without nicking your skin.  But when I added it to the pot, my soap turned an ugly gunboat gray….what could I do to hide that ugly color?  I grabbed my cinnamon and added enough to cover that gray.  Turns out that cinnamon and lavender make a lovely combination!

When Soap Goes Wrong….

About a month ago, I learned that I should never make soap at night when I am tired.  I was making some of my Rosemary and Lavender Shampoo soap….two pots of it. Pot #1 had all of the oils melted, ready and cooling so I could add the lye mixture.  I was measuring out the liquid oils to add to Pot #2 ….except I didn’t.  I added them to Pot #1.  I realized it as soon as I did it!

These were some very pricey oils…about $100 worth…so I couldn’t just throw it out!  I was too tired to think so I asked  Elijah to help me figure out a way to salvage it.  We ran some math calculations and some calculations within my soap making program.  We couldn’t salvage it and make Rosemary and Lavender Shampoo BUT we COULD make another shampoo! One that would lather even more!

Elijah offered to help me create this new soap and I happily accepted!  He chose Spruce and Eucalyptus for the scent and Spirulina for the coloring…LOTS of Spirulina!

This was the biggest pot of soap I’d ever seen!  Normally my pots of soap will fill 3 molds…this one filled 5!!!

We got the liquid soap in the molds and it was a beautiful dark green. I could hardly wait to see what would happen 24 hours later when we unwrapped it to cut it…

When Soap Goes Wrong….

What a beautiful green and the scent – so amazing! Elijah called it Sprucalyptus!

When Soap Goes Wrong….

The colors of soap fade a bit over the month that it needs to cure.  This is true when using any natural plant material for coloring.  I’m not sure if that is true when using dyes and other chemical choices. Somehow I doubt that those fade.  Every brightly colored soap I’ve seen has been done with chemicals.  (I may be obsessed with reading labels!)

This dark vibrant green has faded to a lovely dark sea foam green and will be a part of my November sale!  You’ll find it labeled as Seafoam Sprucalyptus (pronounced sprook-a-lip-tus) in honor of Elijah who truly created this one! I didn’t expect to have another new soap for November but sometimes when working with soap things happen that you didn’t expect! I can’t wait to use it myself!

Grace & Peace!