We’ve made some great progress on the new pole barn as my sons have had time to work on things. Side walls went up quicklyBarn Going Up!

Then the trusses finally arrived.  The cost of wood has gone up 300% locally since March.  Steel trusses were much less expensive than going with wood!Barn Going Up!

It was fascinating to watch this and see how my sons worked together to secure each truss and brace it.  They make a great team!

Barn Going Up!

Then the roof framing began…they knocked this out in a day!

Barn Going Up!

End walls went up and everything was trimmed and measured for metal which arrives tomorrow!

Barn Going Up!


Once the metal is on,  we can finish off the inside without worrying about weather.  On days when the weather is in our favor, the guys will be working on the hay storage and feeding section that will run along the backside of the barn that faces the mountain ridge.

They will be building a corral and doing some fencing to divide the field into two and then the cattle can come and enjoy some of this wonderful grass that has been growing here during our warm spell!  It’s been amazing weather for Tennessee this late into November!

What’s new with y’all?