Today the roof went on the pole barn. My sons worked on it all day. Here is the first piece of tin going up early this morning…

Roofs, Ladders & Hide & Seek.

quickly followed by more…

Roofs, Ladders & Hide & Seek.

Roofs, Ladders & Hide & Seek.

And done! It’s a beautiful sight!

Roofs, Ladders & Hide & Seek.

I have kids and grandkids that live here on the farm with me….there is nothing more fascinating to two little boys than to watch some of their uncles
“building”.  They “borrow” wood from my woodpile often for some building project or another.

The youngest has his own language.  Today he was carrying a “bambooze pole” – it was a gun, a knife, a sword, a walking stick…whatever his need was, his imagination took him there. It came from our “bambooze forest”.

He couldn’t wait to go “into” the barn.  Can you guess what he is doing here?

Roofs, Ladders & Hide & Seek.

He wanted Mimi (that’s me folks) to play hide and seek…in a building with no walls! :). I “finally” found him LOL!  Then I was told to hide over by the “latter” near the “cow machine” (the machine that takes you to visit the cows naturally). He found me pretty quickly!

Roofs, Ladders & Hide & Seek.

His older brother was pretty quick to tell me, with great alarm in his voice, that I “couldn’t climb the ladder”. When I asked why not…that little stinker told me I was TOO OLD!  I asked him how old he though I was…75 people!  He thought I was 75 years old!!! I informed hm he was more than a decade off (let him go figure that out!).  He said he’d was pretty sure his dad told him that. I’m thinking that kids never get too big to spank…am I right?

I had mentioned to his uncles earlier in the day that last week I had contemplated getting on the roof to run the metal brush down through the pipes to the wood stoves. We don’t want a chimney fire and it’s time to clean them…it only takes a few minutes.

I was met with looks of shock and horror and one son threatened to “take my farm away from me”….aren’t kids the silliest things? I did contemplate it but the pitch of the roof was a bit steep for me so I decided to wait for help.  Not sure what the big deal was about that but believe me…it was a BIG DEAL!

Although most of my sons are well over 6 feet tall their mama is pretty short. I do have to get on ladders quite frequently…..ssshhhh….don’t tell my sons!

Someday I’ll tell you about the 6’2” son that went streaming past me today with a turkey held high up over his head….Thanksgiving supper to be exact.  I only wish I had a picture….and they worry about their mama?Roofs, Ladders & Hide & Seek.And this one who fussed at me? He never even needs a ladder…he’s been able to climb anything (and I do mean ANYTHING). Since he was about 3 years old….maybe he gets it from me!