It’s one of my favorite weeks of the year! BOGO week with my essential oils of choice!

Today only!
Buy the BOGO box & get all of the BOGOs PLUS FREE Membership for a year!!! Includes two oils not normally available in the US!
Today only!

If you are interested in working with someone who will be there for you to teach you how to use your oils and support you in your journey to a more natural, healthy lifestyle then follow this link, and select the BOGO box to purchase your box with 10 oils …5 of them free!…and get a free membership to boot! Be sure to add my name (Cheri Brannon) and this ID number 2246754 when it asks you if you know someone (it should self-populate but you know how technology is sometimes!). That way you’ll work with me and have access to all of our amazing education about oils!

You’ll not only get all of the BOGOs, you’ll get access to our VIP Tribe – a group of oily friends who offer education, support and community, an invitation to Oil Camp (free!) and MORE! You’ll also get a welcome box from me filled with tons of educational materials, oil samples for camp along with all the bottles, sprayers and rollers you’ll need for oil camp (so much fun and it’s absolutely free!). The box includes a huge reference book with tons of recipes and more…this welcome box is worth over $50!

I am here to walk with you on this amazing journey, answer your questions and provide you with the education and support you need to make your investment in your health a successful one!

Be sure to join my BOGO Tribe here where I will be posting each day to teach you all about these oils, how to use them and more! There will be diffuser recipes, DIY projects and more Today only!

I’d love for you to become a part of my oily family this week.  The BOGO box with FREE membership only lasts for today – I hope to see you on the other side!

Now….back to the barn raising going on in the pasture – pics to come tomorrow!