Happy Spring!  Although our nights are still in the 30s, our days are saying Spring is here! Yesterday, our mountains here were lightly dusted with snow on the tops….not normal weather for our area.

I’m celebrating Spring by opening my shop again TODAY, April 22 at 9:00 a.m. EST. 

Look for the return of two of my most popular soaps….Lavender Twist Spring Soap Sale!and Green Thumbs (the perfect soap for gardeners)!  Are you planning a garden this year?  Spring Soap Sale!

My asparagus is up, my onions look great and my strawberry plants are covered with blooms. The plants in my greenhouse were growing like crazy till our lows last night dipped to 26 degrees. My greenhouse is not heated. Sunday I will be replanting my beans, peppers and tomatoes!

You’ll see my new spring soaps: SPRING 2021 at $5 (my thank you soap for you!), Spring Breeze, Spring Soap Sale!

Vintage Bay Rum Shaving SoapSpring Soap Sale!

and Gentle Petals

Spring Soap Sale!

all of these soaps have light, fresh, spring scents!  

You’ll also see all of my FALL SOAPS ON CLEARANCE, ($5 each…the price will never be lower!) 

You will also find other items on sale!  

My Coffee Bean soap is on sale for $5!

 “Sack of Soap” is on sale…half price!

You can save $8 on my Soothing Salve – perfect after strenuous workouts or after spending time in the garden and that middle of the night Charlie Horse!  

Speaking of gardens….my Garden Calendar is on sale too (just in time to help you create a wonderful garden this year).  It’s not like any calendar you’ve ever seen – don’t know what to do each month in your garden?  My calendar will tell you!  It’s a PDF download – print it off and save the PDF – you can print it again every year in the future!

May your garden be bountiful and your spring be full of soft breezes and sunny days!