October is going out with a bang!  My mama will be 95 in December. She fell Sunday but didn’t want to go to the hospital so we thought it couldn’t be too bad.  Monday was a different story. She couldn’t bear any weight on her leg. Off to the hospital we go…and yes…she broke her hip.  So…I’ve been in the hospital with her pretty much all week.  However in the evenings after farm chores were done, I’ve been working on a project!

Going out with a bang!

Lip Balms!

I had hoped to open my shop  last week with my fall soaps, lip balms and some other new things but my mama’s surgery has been a bit of a set back.  She moves to rehab on Monday morning and they don’t allow any visitors at this time.  I’ll spend tomorrow with her since I won’t be able to see her for weeks. Then, hopefully, my shop will re-open this week.  I’ll be stocked with all of my fall soaps, some of my spring soaps are still available and on sale, my lip balms will be available and perhaps even something else…I’m excited!

If you are on my email list, you’ll get a notice with date and time that the shop re-opens.  If you aren’t on my list, but want to be, just let me know!