Thank You to All Who Served!

Thank you to all who served! I grew up in a military family (USMC) and know the sacrifice that ALL members of the family make for their country! We enjoy the freedom that we have because of Veterans and Active Duty Service members!

My dad retired a Colonel in the USMC – I was in high school when that happened.  When a parent is enlisted, in many ways the spouse and children are enlisted as well!  Parents have to deal with the absence of a spouse, being a single parent much of the time and the constant concern of the safety of their loved one!

I was  pre-school age and my brother a toddler when Dad was sent overseas to Korea. I have vague memories of seeing him off at a military air base.  Before that, he was wounded at Iwo Jima while attempting to raise the flag.

Thank You to All Who Served!

I remember that the bullet could never be removed – it was too close to nerves and he could have lost the use of his arm. I’m sure the technology now would allow that but this was decades ago.

I taught my boys, when they were little, to thank any man or woman they saw in uniform  or could tell were a veteran while we were out in our community. Our soldiers don’t hear that enough from their communities.  Veteran’s Day is important…but what if they were thanked every time they were out in public?

Simply walk up, stick out your hand and say “thank you for your service – thank you for my freedom, may God bless you!”

So…thank you to all of the veterans today for the freedom my family enjoys, thank you for the sacrifices you and your family endured, thank you for your service…may God richly bless you and your families and may you know that what you did truly made a difference….it mattered…it still does!