She won her fight against this virus!  It took a lot of work. It took keeping on top of things.  It took family members being willing to work together and to go in and offer her supplemental support when her provider refused to do so.

I took a new doctor who believed in early treatment and who truly cared. 

That same doctor just gave her the all clear – her lungs are fine and she won the battle!

She won!

It shows me how much early intervention and supplementation matters.  She felt lousy, was very tired and had trouble staying awake much of the time. She had mild congestion, but, because we treated early,  it never got horrible.  Her oxygen levels never went below 94. She has a lot of other “co-morbidity” issues but by treating her as soon as possible with recommendations for supplements and by using some additional vitamins and supplements recommended by a doctor friend, she managed to do this without needing hospitalization or oxygen!  Truly a gift and miracle from the Father!

I encourage you to educate, prepare and be ready to fight if this happens to one of your loved ones…or to yourself!  Talk to their /your provider now and find out “what would you recommend if…”. Make sure you are in agreement or find a provider that is willing to work with you…NOW.  Don’t wait till you are in the midst of this…the added stress was incredible on top of the concern about her age, health etc.  I’ve taken my own advice and am prepared if it happens to me!

The thoughts and prayers, the emails and texts that let me know you were praying for her and encouraging me to hang on and push through really mattered to me! I appreciate y’all so much! 

Hopefully things are now back to normal on the homestead and I can get busy with creating new soaps for spring, blogging about projects around the farm, herbs, essential oils and all things natural wellness!