I’ve been making soap for days preparing for my spring release!  My shop is closed now as I load inventory and prepare for April 10th when my spring soaps will be released! This is the set up for a day of soap making.  I make small batches of artisan soaps – about 15 bars each.  I can do 5 different batches in a day.  It’s a full day by the time every soap is in its’ mold. The large pots will hold my solid oils like coconut, shea butter, mango butter or cocoa butter.  The bowls will hold my water/lye solution. There is another bowl on the other counter that holds the liquid oils; jojoba, avocado, wheat germ, apricot kernel, sweet almond, and many more!  
Spring Soaps Coming Soon!

This is a new soap that will be released in April – Citrus Sensation! I love the color of this soap!  It will fade a bit but it just makes me think of dandelions in spring! It is packed with essential oils of orange, grapefruit, lemon and lime!  Yummy!

Spring Soaps Coming Soon!

While I was working this day, I dropped some essential oil on my scale while I was weighing them out.  I couldn’t believe how it landed!  Can you see the perfect heart?  Essential oil love!

Spring Soaps Coming Soon!

The day after I make soaps I take them out of their molds and cut the logs into bars. Citrus Sensation is on the left.  There is another new soap in that picture! It doesn’t have a name yet… if you feel inspired and you comment with a name that I pick – you win a free bar of that soap! The third from the left is a new soap made with Eucalyptus and Spearmint essential oils and swirled with organic spearmint leaves.  It’s minty, invigorating, clean and fresh smelling!  This soap was made at the request of a customer who will also be receiving a free bar!  Yes…if you suggest a soap and I choose to make it you automatically receive a bar of that soap! Leave any name suggestions in the comments – fingers crossed you’ll win a bar of soap with the perfect name!

Spring Soaps Coming Soon!

After I’ve finished cutting the soaps and getting them on the curing rack it’s time to empty the dishwasher load that I ran after making the soap and begin loading again…it will take 4 to 5 dishwasher loads to get everything clean from those 5 batches of soap.  It’s also time to finish cleaning the kitchen, relining the soap molds for next time, putting away all of the ingredients etc.  I’ve done a bit the day before but I never get it all finished until the next day.

And then…I start it all over again the next time I’m home for a day.

My soap kitchen smells exhilarating  right now – so many wonderful scents, florals, citrus, mints, anise, fennel and tree oils! You’ll be seeing some of my popular soaps return in April: Hook, Line & Sinker for the fisherman in your family! Two varieties of Lavender, two shampoo bars: Rosemary & Lavender and my super popular Sprucalyptus (made with Spruce and Eucalyptus essential oils!). Along with Spring Breeze, Gentle Petals, Working Hands, Rosemary & Mint, Avocado Dilly Bar, Patchouli, Green Thumbs and more!

There will about 15 bars available of each variety!  I sure wish there was a way to make that picture a “scratch & sniff” for you!

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