I was doing chores yesterday with two of my grandkids.  We went to the calves field to feed Gloria.  Gloria is very tame, comes when called, loves to have her cheeks scratched.  One day she will grow up to be a milk cow.  One of my younger grandchildren recently got to ride on her back, scratch her face and just enjoy her!
Evidently, I can fly!

This is Hot Dog – all animals destined for freezer camp get food names.  Grandkids get to name almost all of the calves. These two calves can get in with the cows but they also have a separate place I can feed them, give them minerals or even “cow cookies”.  That way they don’t have to fight the bigger cows to get their portion.  They each weigh about 250-300 pounds.


Evidently, I can fly!

Yesterday, I made the mistake of taking Kiko, my German Shepherd with us.  Gloria was peacefully eating when Kiko decided it was time to play and she lunged at her.  Freaked Gloria out and she jumped backwards and kept moving.  Unfortunately I was in her path. I saw her from my left side and tried to move but she’s faster than me! I had been standing there talking to the kids when all of a sudden I was moving through the air.

My grandchild said I went up – then spun around before I landed.  Gloria knocked me right out of my shoes and my earrings!  I landed on my right side and back with my shoes about 3 feet behind me.  All was calm by then.  I had a whopper of a headache but my son checked me for concussion and I was fine.  Today, muscles are talking to me but I’m ok.  Scared the kids something awful! But darn, I wish I could have seen it! That might be a video that would go viral!

I reached for my Arnica Salve last night  and again this morning.  Arnica Montana has anti-inflammatory properties and is great to prevent bruising,  reduce swelling and therefor limit the discomfort. By tomorrow, I should be fine. By the way, that salve is on sale right now in my shop!

I’m thankful to my Father for his protection – it could have been so much worse!  My grandchild brought me my shoes and helped me up.  My younger grandhild, once we were back in the cow machine, warned me not to go to sleep cause ” you might have a cush shun Mimi”.

And me… I learned to leave Kiko home when I’m dealing with cows!