It may not feel like spring but my shop is open with my spring collection!

You will find that Spring Breeze (think a spring bouquet!), Gentle Petals (rose and lavender for dry and sensitive skin!) Green Thumbs for all you gardeners (you are growing a garden this year I hope!), and Seafoam Sprucalyptus Shampoo have returned (while supplies last).
You will also find my NEW Citrus Bliss – a soap filled with Orange, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit and Litsea essential oils – it’s like sunshine in a bar of soap! Talk about uplifting your spirits!  It’s hard not to smile when you smell this soap!
Spring Collection!
You will also find my NEW Stress Away created at a customer’s request (she’ll be getting a free bar!) This soap is minty and refreshing – packed with Eucalyptus and Spearmint essential oils and swirled with organic Spearmint leaves!  Eucalyptus and Spearmint support the respiratory system AND are calming – so take a DEEP breath and RELAX!!  Let me know if you have any requests and if I choose to make it – you’ll also receive a free bar of soap!
Spring Collection!
Remember, I’m a small artisan soap maker, my molds produce 16 to 20 bars of soap depending on which mold I use. When they are gone, well…they are gone!  I’m already working on my soaps for summer, Lavender Twist, Lavender Mint, Tangerine Moisturizer (new!), and more!
Some of my bars of soap are on sale, my Arnica Salve is also on sale. Arnica Montana has anti-inflammatory properties – great for bruising too – just don’t use it on broken skin.  When my knees hurt at the end of the day from crawling around in the dirt…I reach for my Arnica Salve!  When I hit my shin on the dishwasher door (again!) Arnica is my go to to for swelling and bruising!
My Garden Calendar is 25% off! This calendar has no dates – but each month it tells you what to be doing in your garden! I’ve chosen a compilation of my growing experience and advice from some of my favorite garden sources over the years.  I share my favorite plant varieties, some family recipes, my favorite seed catalogs and more! My calendar is a PDF download – it is not a printed calendar that will be mailed to you.  This way you can print a new copy each year and take advantage of the Notes field – keeping garden notes year to year will help you remember what you liked and what you didn’t…what worked well and what you need to change!
If you purchase $25 or more, please use the coupon FREE SOS and receive a Sack of Soap absolutely free! Experience a variety of my soaps in small balls or cubes.  Great for company or to tuck into a lingerie drawer, linen closet or anywhere you’d like a fresh, natural scent!  Just put a Sack of Salve in your cart and be sure to use that coupon code to receive it absolutely free!
In my next Essentially Healthy class we will be learning about Candida, what the symptoms are, how to deal with it and more!  I’d love for you to join my free classes taught every other week.  You can register for class here:
As you know, I also sell dōTERRA essential oils.  For the first time ever, this month dōTERRA is allowing people to open a wholesale account by building their own kit!  I’ve wanted this for years!  Only you know what your body needs.  If you aren’t sure how to figure that out, chat with me, I’d be honored to help you!  I have a special gift package (value $50) for people who open their account with me – and then I’ll enroll you into my Oil Camp – tons of fun for 10 days while you learn about essential oils and their amazing ability to help with our health needs! You’ll also earn prizes for attending!  It starts soon so if you are interested in oils and would like to work with me, please reach out!
Lastly, my 95 year old mom is pacemaker dependent and her pacemaker has reached the end of its battery life.  This Monday she will be undergoing surgery to replace her pacemaker.  It should be a very simple procedure but she is 95 and very frail. You know she is a fighter from how well she handled Covid in February but prayers are appreciated!
Many blessings,