Hopefully, you have been growing and harvesting a multitude of herbs over the summer! I hope you have used them fresh and dried some of them for use during the winter months.

I’ve harvested heaps of basil (anti-inflammatory and great for focus, mental fatigue and emotional balance!)  and delicious on Caprese crostini.

My spearmint  has taken over it’s bed (good for digestive upset, headaches, toothaches and more), and the horehound I started this year is doing well (it is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant,  provides respiratory support and helps regulate blood sugar) It’s great for making a natural cough syrup!

I have eaten a ton of fresh cilantro this summer (helps move heavy metals out of the body, supports the liver and protects against free radical damage) and have tinctured quite a bit for those same purposes. I’ve also fermented a slaw packed with cilantro for use on tacos!

I had plenty of dill for my pickles and relish this year. The dill is now growing again and will until first frost.  I’ve saved some of the dill weed and a TON of seeds.

Plantain has been plentiful but I can usually find that growing even in the dead of winter. Plantain is amazing for bite/sting relief – chew a leaf, place it on the bite and let it work!  No swelling, no itching…poof…all is back to normal!

Now that cooler weather is starting here in Tennessee, it’s time to start watching your plants so you will know when to begin harvesting roots (but only if the plants are at least 3 years old!) . When the tops of the plants have died back, they are ready!  What roots do you want to wildcraft? It depends on your family’s health needs!

Echinacea! This plant provides immune support, has anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and  anti-microbial properties.  Never take all of the roots of a plant – no more than a third so have a nice long row of Echinacea to harvest!

Are you ready to dig?

Ginseng (it’s ginseng time here in our mountains!) Ginseng likes to grow on north facing mountains and I just happen to have one in my backyard!  Poachers are an issue unfortunately.  My neighbor had his entire crop taken last year. Make sure you are not wildcrafting on private land unless you have permission! Ginseng supports the immune system, has anti-oxidant properties, supports the cardiovascular system, and may even provide energy during those late afternoon slumps!

Are you ready to dig?

Mullein – I use every part of this plant!  The flowers are used to make an ear oil that stops infections in their tracks, the leaves and roots can soothe the respiratory tract, reduce inflammation and provide the properties of an expectorant!

Are you ready to dig?

Comfrey – one of my favorites! Comfrey contains a compound known as allantoin – it causes cell regeneration and is very moisturizing.  My Green Herb Salve is comfrey based to help wounds heal quickly! It is high in anti-oxidants and Vitamin C. It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is rich in calcium and also works as an expectorant.

Are you ready to dig?

Horseradish is an important part of something I make each fall… Fire Cider – recipe in my next post!!  This is an amazing tonic that supports the immune system and chases out the nasty things before they can get too active in your body!

Are you ready to dig?

What you need to harvest this fall may be completely different!  Every family has different health needs.

I encourage you to begin taking control of your health using our Father’s gifts! Becoming self-reliant in your health care is so very important!  You CAN do this! If you need help, you can now book a free 15 minute consultation with me…I’ll be happy to get you started learning all about herbal medicine!

If you are interested in my course on Herbal Remedies, you will now find my book “Herbalism without Paganism” available here on the website as a PDF download. All the mechanics of making herbal remedies along with 10 plants to start with and why!

Happy Harvesting!