Remember this post? on how to make Fire Cider?

It’s time to strain it and bottle it!  You’ll need a cotton cloth, a bowl (make sure it is big enough to hold 2 quarts of liquid) and fine mesh strainer.  You will also need a couple of quart size mason jars to put the finished product in.

Make sure your Fire Cider has been sitting at least 30 days – I did mine the beginning of January and today I am straining it to get the amazing benefits!

Working Up Fire Cider!

Pour your Fire Cider mixture slowly through the cloth. Let it sit a few minutes to drain. I only do 1/2 of the jar at a time so that I am able to do the next part!

Next you want to gather you cloth and squeeze every last drop of goodness out of this!  Don’t waste any of that amazing liquid!  You’ll be tempted to lick your fingers because it smells so good!Working Up Fire Cider!

Don’t toss what’s in the cloth….if you have chickens they will gobble this up!  Vinegar is so good for chickens…I regularly add it to their water.  If you don’t have chickens, you can put it in your compost bin.

Working Up Fire Cider!

All you need to do now is bottle it!  I use canning jars.  You can see that I got a full quart which I typically save for immune support during the winter.  The other quart that is partially full will be used for salad dressing, drizzling over a sandwhich, meat marinage…yummy! You will want to keep this in the refrigerator!

Working Up Fire Cider!

I took part of it and made a fabulous salad dressing.  You can add additional herbs but I found this batch so delicious that I used it just as it is!

Working Up Fire Cider!

Time to start another batch!  I think I will go through this one fast this summer marinating meat for the grill, and making salad dressings once the garden is producing greens and lettuce!  I can’t wait to marinate lamb in this!

Have you ever made Fire Cider?