Essential Oils

Wishing you knew how to take care of yourself and your family a little more naturally?  

Would you like to be empowered with choices that are safe, natural and effective?

You are right where I was over 40 years ago!

I’d just had my first baby and suddenly realized that it was important to know what I was putting in and on his little body …and THEN I began to apply that same philosophy to us grownups!

That’s how my study of herbs and essential oils began! I studied and applied not really knowing what to expect. I even wondered if I was a bit off the wall – I didn’t know ANYONE using herbs or oils! You know what I did? I gingerly stuck my toe in the water and guess what I found out?  They worked…not just once but over and over again! I was committed to caring for my family naturally!


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  • On-going education, training & support. We have local meetings & trainings. We also do FB events, phone calls, Zoom & Skype if you aren’t local! It is important to me that you know how to use your oils safely, effectively & with confidence! There are even private FB groups! I also offer continuing education classes on a free platform called My Event Cafe! Work with me and we’ll work together as long as you desire.
Essential Oils

Healthy Start Kit

With 10 pure essential oils and blends, as well as the Pebble™ Diffuser, the Healthy Start Kit is ideal for anyone striving to live a healthy lifestyle.


Essential Oils

Healthy Habits Kit

The products in the Healthy Habits Kit are the tools you need to make healthy choices every single day and establish a routine that lends itself to the healthy lifestyle you’re striving for. This is my favorite kit to help people kick the toxins and make serious steps towards a healthy life!


Essential Oils

Home Essentials Kit

The blends and single oils in Home Essentials have been hand-selected to provide you with the most important tools to help you live an active life, both mentally and physically.


Essential Oils

MetaPWR™ Starter System

The MetaPWR system helps you live your most powerful life, supporting your metabolism, energy, and health on a cellular level.


One you begin those baby steps  to take charge of your health, and that of your family, your confidence will grow. I know that mine did! I no longer felt helpless when little ones were not feeling well or someone got injured around the home or farm. I wasn’t frustrated with only being offered choices that I thought were unhealthy. I no longer felt dependent on someone else. I call it Health Care Freedom! I could finally make choices for natural health and informed self-care! Once you have your own stash of herbs and oils, you’ll be able to do the same!

Join me today with a no-strings-attached wholesale customer account! I can’t wait to help you get started on your own journey to personal health freedom!

I’m Ready! How do I start?

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Essential Oils

Life Changing!

I used herbs for a long time, then I began to explore the world of essential oils. I learned that essential oils are just herbs in a bottle – but  are much more powerful because they are concentrated! Are they the miracle cure for everything? Nope! But you’ll be surprised at how many issues they can help! I’d rather use something natural for our needs, as opposed to a chemical counterpart, every. single. time.

Choosing natural methods became life changing for my family! I have been able to confidently manage our health care of for the last 40+ years! Normal childhood issues? Not a problem! Emergency at two in the morning? I can usually handle that!  Hey – when I can avoid that 25 mile drive to the emergency room in the middle of the night because I can turn to my personal arsenal of herbs & essential oils….that’s priceless! Not to mention the amount of money we’ve saved over these years on doctor bills, vet bills and medicines just by using natural choices!

I’ve also been able to use these essential oils on our cats, dogs, chickens, roosters, guinea hens, goats, cows, horses and yes…even the bees… who live with us here on our farm! It’s empowering!

You can do this too…I’ll bet you have probably already experienced essential oils!

Have you ever brushed by a basil plant in your garden and smelled that wonderful scent? Crushed some mint leaves in your hand or peeled a lemon or an orange? Remember the scent and the feelings it invoked? Then you’ve experienced the power of an essential oil!

Maybe you’ve been brave enough to try a bottle or two of essential oils from your local store but weren’t really sure what to do with it once you got home. Or…maybe you’ve never tried essential oils…no worries, it’s never too late!

Essential Oils
Essential Oils

Help…Where do I begin?

“I’m so confused…everyone is selling essential oils these days! Even the big box stores!” I’m right there with you!  I’ve tried dozens of companies over the years. Sometimes those oils seemed fine but maybe the next bottle didn’t smell the same or the results weren’t the same…I didn’t find a lot of consistency. There were even times when the oils smelled “off”… or caused my skin to break out or smelled like alcohol (now how does a pure plant do that?) .  I was so confused – after all, those labels all said 100% pure! I didn’t know at the time that they only had to have 3% of the oil to be able to say 100% pure (wonder who came up with that!). I was trying to navigate the world of essential oils without enough knowledge and no one to help me!

When I taught herbal remedy classes on my farm, people would ask me to direct them to a “safe” source of essential oils. I couldn’t do it. I didn’t have one company that I felt had high quality oils on a consistent basis! And taking them internally?  Forget about it – I never did that!

After years of frustration, I quit listening to all of the companies because they all claim to have pure essential oils! I started listening to the independent essential oil chemists who test for all of these companies. I also listened to researchers from some of the big name universities and research institutes who were studying essential oils…Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, Duke and more.  What I learned from these people, along with doing some research on how different companies grew their plant material or sourced their oils, and even how they tested their oils, made my decision on whose oils to use very simple.


Why I chose dōTERRA!

I chose dōTERRA essential oils because potency and purity absolutely matter. If you’ve been using a “bargain brand”  or even another big name brand and haven’t been getting results, there’s probably a reason why. Here are some of the reasons I chose dōTERRA:


Best in the World

dōTERRA is committed to sourcing the best oils in the world directly from the grower. They are also committed to ethical sourcing practices through their Co-Impact Sourcing Initiative. Ethical sourcing is EXTREMELY important to me…I don’t want my health, or the health of my family, to come at the expense of someone in another country being paid slave wages or perhaps even from slaves! And I certainly want my oils to be sourced sustainably!  I want to work with an ethical company who truly cares about the environment and the communities who provide their plant material! 


Quality Testing

Each batch of dōTERRA essential oil undergoes eight different testing procedures by both in house testing and a third-party laboratory, AND surpasses USDA organic standards. You can literally smell the difference the first time you take off the lid. As an organic farmer myself…organic matters to me! I believe dōTERRA’s standards far surpasses our US organic standards.



dōTERRA is a humanitarian-minded company with many projects in the works all around the world. When I partner with a company, it is important to me that they have a vision beyond themselves and are committed to giving back. I love that dōTERRA is involved with Operation Underground Railroad, Days for Girls, Rapha House and many other wonderful projects.



The culture of dōTERRA is unrivaled by any other organization with which I’ve been a part. The owners set the tone! I admire the owners and leaders. Their integrity and servant-leadership is unsurpassed. I’ve witnessed them do things personally that brought tears to my eyes because of their willingness to care for and put others first! I’m proud to be associated with them and with this company!



The products WORK and I see results time and time again.

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