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Herbal Salves - Arnica Salve 1 oz.Arnica Salve is made with the flowers of Arnica Montana which have been used for centuries to support muscles when they have been over-taxed. Worked to long in the garden? Worked out longer than normal? Reach for Arnica Salve! It is the first thing I reach for when I bang …$12.00
Herbal Salves - Green Herb Salve 1 oz.Green Herb Salve helps support skin that is irritated or injured. This natural salve works quickly and efficiently to help your skin return to normal! Ingredients: Olive oil, Comfrey, Self-Heal, Plantain, Chickweed, Hyssop, Calendula, Lavender, Red Clover, Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils, organic beeswax, Vitamin E.$12.00
Herbal Salves - Head to Heels Peppermint salve 1 oz.Head to Heels Peppermint Salve brings relief from your head to your heels! Head tension? Rub a wee bit on your temples at your hairline and on the back of your neck. (WARNING – DO NOT GET IN OR NEAR YOUR EYES!!). Feet aching at the end of the day? …$12.00
Herbal Salves - Jewelweed Salve 1 oz.I believe that Jewelweed is our Father’s gift to us to support us when dealing with poison ivy! This salve (along with Sweet Relief Jewelweed Soap and a Jewelweed Tincture used topically) is part of our poison ivy protocol. I find the tincture the most effective help when sprayed several …$12.00
Herbal Salves - Lavender Salve 1 oz.Lavender Salve is soothing to the skin! This salve helps relieve itching and supports your skin as it recovers from sunburns, bug bites, stings etc.. I tend to be careless in the kitchen when I’m in a hurry trying to get supper on the table so I keep this salve …$12.00
Herbal Salves - Soothing Salve 1.76 ozSoothing Salve was created for my elderly mom while she waited to have a knee replaced. This is a deep heating yet cooling salve – it contains both menthol and cayenne oil! It is packed with essential oils that all work together to soothe those tired muscles! Worked out too …$26.00
Herbal Salves - Tea Tree Salve 1 oz.Tea Tree essential oil has shown anti-fungal, anti-viral & anti-bacterial properties. Great support for your body when dealing with athlete’s foot, nail fungus or jock itch. Ingredients: Organic Comfrey, Olive oil, beeswax, Tea Tree essential oil and Vit. E.$12.00
Herbal Salves - Sack of SalveSack of Salve is my go to herbal first aid support. This is what I used to carry in my diaper bag when my boys were little. Now I carry it when I travel! This kit contains 1/2 ounce of each of my five main salves: Arnica, Lavender, Tea Tree, …$28.00