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Salt scrubs

Herbal Salt Scrubs

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Why should you use salt scrubs? Exfoliating with a salt scrub removes dead skin cells and increases circulation! They also encourage regeneration. Sloughing away dead skin cells promotes the growth of healthy new cells. This regeneration process tightens the skin, giving it a firmer and younger-looking appearance.

I use epsom salts, sea salt and dead sea salt in my salt scrubs. Epsom salts are soothing to the skin, can reduce stress and discomfort and are used to soften rough, dry skin while exfoliating dead skin cells.  Dead Sea Salt contains ten times more minerals than normal sea salt. Minerals can assist in cleansing, detoxifying and restoring health to the body especially the skin and muscles. It promotes cell metabolism which in turn helps heal damaged and/or inflamed skin.

By adding the appropriate essential oils, I can create a mixture that promotes stress reduction, or helps relax you before bedtime. Or perhaps you'll prefer a pop of energy from citrus!

At the end of your next hard day, draw a warm bath, indulge in my salt scrubs and enjoy!

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Salt Scrubs

Lavender, Citrus Explosion, Rosemary & Mint, Unscented, Forest Blend


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