Hi y’all! I’m Cheri!

I’m a wife, mama of 4 sons, and Mimi to 4 wonderful grand-babies! I’m a follower of the Father, farm lover, cast iron and mason jar collector, entrepreneur, soap maker, organic gardener, second generation herbalist, essential oil fanatic and a lover of country life!

I believe in honesty, integrity, personal responsibility, hard work, generosity, thinking outside the box and compassion and care for others.

How’d I Get Here?

I was raised in a military family. Dad was a Colonel in the Marine Corps (Semper Fie!) and we lived all over the south. As an adult, I lived in the city, shopped at malls and grocery stores, stayed busy at our fellowship and enjoyed time with family and friends. I never expected to do anything different. I lived what I call the “SAL”…Standard American Life!

Starting with baby steps…

My life began to change when I had my first baby and the pediatrician gave me a bottle of fluid. He told me to put drops in my son’s mouth each day. For the first time, I wondered about what I was putting in and on my baby!  I did some research and decided that putting fluoride drops in my son’s mouth was not something I was willing to do. I began to question other things: what’s in our food? our water? our cleaning supplies? our medicines? I began to think outside the box!

I started making counter-cultural choices in many areas. I chose to quit my job and become a stay at home mom. I chose to cook from scratch. I chose to nurse my babies for more than the standard 6 – 12 weeks. I chose to homeschool my children all the way through high school. I chose to forego the usual grocery store offerings and I strived to be debt free.

I began to study herbs and essential oils and use them as an alternative to traditional medicine whenever possible and have have continued to do so for the last 35 years. These choices began to lead me on a journey that expanded my little world in ways I never expected!

Baby steps to big changes…

Although I was raised a city girl, the simplicity of the country life called and I answered 20 years ago. I’ve never looked back! Everyone thought I was crazy…I was 40 and “should be slowing down”. (Seriously?  at 40?) . However, I’d never been a “follow the crowd” kinda girl.

I don’t have words for how I felt when I stepped foot onto my very own homestead! I was home…and I knew I belonged there! My first “farm animals” were 10,000 honey bees! Chickens, guinea hens, goats, cows and horses followed quickly along with barn kitties and livestock guardian dogs.

I planted a garden, fenced it in and it became the “playpen” for my little ones. A small greenhouse soon followed. We grew tons of herbs and veggies. We learned to milk a cow and goats, keep bees, can and dehydrate food, churn butter, make cheese, bake bread and the list goes on!

I warn you now…this life is addictive!

I began to grow my own medicinal herbs and make my own herbal remedies (instead of purchasing things made by others). I learned how to wildcraft the plants that grow all over these Appalachian mountains. Herbs quickly became my passion! I had the opportunity to study herbs with a Cherokee medicine woman for a year, I took formal lessons from others and learned from many of the older people in this region who have been using herbal remedies for close to a 100 years now. I firmly believe that these plants are gifts from my Father and that He provided them for our health!

My kids grew up with poultices, tinctures, plasters and home made salves! As my research expanded and my experience increased, I was invited to speak at different gatherings around our Appalachian region. I taught about herbs and essential oils here on our farm, for the local community college, at state fairs, garden groups, scouts, herbal society’s and churches. I became known locally as “the herb lady”. Teaching is still my favorite thing to do! I teach classes every week to families who want to learn how to live a simple, healthy life using natural solutions!

Create a Life You Will Love!

I love my life…truly love my life. These last 20 years have been an adventure that I could never have imagined. But…guess what? You can live this adventure too! If you are willing to dream big and work hard you CAN do this…and I’d be honored to share with you what I have learned over the last few decades!

If you dropped by looking for tips on living a homestead life, I hope you will like what you find! There are years worth of posts here on homestead living, canning, animal husbandry, gardening, recipes (some healthy and some not – hey…we gotta splurge once in awhile!) and more!

If you want to learn how to use herbs and essential oils to keep your family (and even your homestead critters!) fit and healthy as you build your homestead dreams…even better because that’s my passion! You can get started right where you live now…even if you live in the suburbs or deep in the city! I certainly did!

Ready to begin with baby steps to create a life you’ll love? Get ready for big changes!


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